Take a look up in the air, beyond the clouds, high above the blue,

If you can’t see that far then put to use your great Imagination.

What’s out there where we have never been, never seen or dreamed,

The moon stands out in the sky, the sun taken for granted as we assume it will be there.

With the naked eye Venus and Mars are seen every clear, beautiful night,

Every so often the night shows us a shooting star traveling across the universe.

There are many mysterious and unknown things not yet discovered through the cosmos,

Comets we can’ not put a number to or even imagine how far away they soar in the darkness.

Why is it that the sun lights up our days with warmth but gives no light to a spectacular sight,

We can only breathe the air up so high, beyond that tell me why the air of life is nowhere to be found.

Billions of stars appear to rest right before our searching eyes in the night, touch we can not,

How far if we traveled would these things be seen, would we live so long to even dream.

What’s out there? in how many directions may we go to find all the answers to be known,

Will the universe continue forever, will we learn all as we travel one day to heaven.

Keith Garrett


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