I’m beginning to understand and to see,

The good that is inside this person that’s me.

There are many things about which I care,

About where I’m headed in a land of uncertainty.

Within me lies a man of strength,

Just a moment of weakness has taken from me.

A smile lives beneath, sometimes far down,

On the surface pain hidden behind the act of a clown.

What’s within myself a small boy trying to find,

A man who may survive in today’s state of mind.

What’s within myself is a hope for a better tomorrow.

Keith Garrett


11 thoughts on “WHAT’S WITHIN MYSELF

  1. Keith, excellent! Not just in a poetic sense, but being able to look within and see tomorrow. If you don’t mind, let me make a couple of suggestions. Switch ‘has’ to ‘was’ in line six (because ‘has’ is present tense and ‘was’ is past tense). In line eight, you need a verb. Since ‘pain’ is the subject the word ‘is’ would do (pain is); and line nine needs a verb (‘what’s within myself is a small boy trying to find’). Don’t forget your subjects and verbs as my teachers used to say, the one is the subject and the other is the verb (the action). This really is a special poem and as one who often struggles to find just the right word for the right place I thought perhaps you would appreciate this small lesson in subjects and verbs. Keep up the good work.

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