Close your eyes and see If a picture comes to mind,

A thought about something seen out in the world.

Could It be possibly a scent In the air that holds a memory,

Tasting a favorite food that reminds one of a place in time.

When I write there are many possibilities that come to life,

I might just close my eyes for a moment and breathe.

A title appears In my mind, words from feelings arrive,

Inspiration comes from different things that are explored.

When I write day or night the world belongs to me,

Whatever I write when I write Is share for you to read.

Keith Garrett


12 thoughts on “WHEN I WRITE

  1. Thank You for this excellent piece! I love exploring the writing process. I loved your descriptions of how you write and why! Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoyed it! If you are interested in the writing process you might want to check out my “The Reluctant Poet” and “In Love With A Muse”.

    I like to write in the dark. Write one line in my head and then find the next one and recite from the top and then do that for each succeeding line – like practicing a piano piece for recital. After about ten lines I will turn on the light and write down what I have and then kill the light and keep going. Try it and see what you think. Let me know if it works for you.

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