When she’s not there I sit quietly alone in my chair,

A drink in my hand, roamin’ ’round my home.

Turn the t.v. on, nothin’ much to watch,

Open the refrigerator door, stare a little more.

Dishes in the sink, wash em’ while I think,

Go n’ take a shower, soap n’ a little water.

When she’s not there, I think I can hear her everywhere,

Talkin’ on the phone, singin’ a country song.

Whistlin’ for the birds, sayin’ a bunch of words,

When she’s not there, I work out n’ the yard,

I sometimes look ’round, she’s nowhere to be found.

I put the laundry in, the sun is slowly goin’ down,

She usually makes me a drink, my woman’s nowhere ’round.

It’s gettin’ kinda’ late, no dinner on the stove,

I don’t appreciate when she’s not at home.

When it’s time for bed, when she’s not there,

I sleep all alone, where did that woman go.

Keith Garrett

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