Lost at times, feelings of despair and worthlessness,

My existence appears meaningless at this point in time.

Work has always been my everyday, a year now gone away,

I thought I had found a place, an escape from that which has faded.

A peaceful, mysterious, world of writing where I am the guide,

Working out in my yard, a piece of land of solitude, I thought.

That’s not who I am, rest and relaxation is good for the moment,

Roaming the land by foot, wandering great distances in thought.

Listening in my head to words and instruments of beautiful music,

Many things, hobbies or projects to fill my days while I dream away.

My purpose in life, where did it go, am I thinking and seeing the wrong way,

My working days that for now and maybe forever have gone away,

Was that it or is my purpose around me everyday, my life in every way.

Keith Garrett


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