At the age of ten, yes! It was nineteen seventy two, I remember well,

The feeling Is still fresh Inside as they were the greatest team of all.

Each day as I came home from school I would check the paper to see

If a game was on t.v. or the radio, I was excited either way.

I had a poster of the team on my wall, today I have a collectors picture

Of that same team, the nineteen seventy two Lakers were for me a dream.

That team with the greatness of a Jerry West,” Mr. Clutch’ was so awesome,

It took more than twenty years before and I never thought anyone would

Break their record of going sixty nine and thirteen, A fantastic accomplishment.

Their thirty three game win streak was awesome that year along with a championship,

Bill Sharman was one of the greatest coaches In NBA history, over forty years ago.

Wilt the stilt Chamberlain, one of the greatest scorers and defensive players,

With West and Gail “Stumpy” Goodrich bringing the ball up the court was the best.

Elgin Baylor another great forward In the hall of fame, part of that amazing team,

Happy Hairston I remember as a forward with great rebounding skills, so long ago.

A shot blocker and great moving down the floor on the fast break, Wilt for the slam dunk,

Keith Erickson number twenty four, a member of that Lakers team once upon a time.

Pat Riley and Flynn Robinson off the bench playing defense and points scored when needed,

Two basketball players whom were a big part of that nineteen seventy two dream team.

Think back to a player, Connie Hawkins, known as the Hawk as he soared to the basket,

The fabulous Forum as It was known to be, the house that Jack built, Chick Hearn would say.

The nineteen seventy two Los Angeles Lakers took on and battled the New York Knicks for

The NBA championship and won, a team of greats In an era of great things and accomplishments.

Where were you In 1972,? I was a boy who dreamed of heroes and while I listened to them on the

Radio because It wasn’t televised It was Chick Hearn who brought It all to life, I saw everything.

My stepfather was there and had the greatest time that I wanted but He had to go with a client,

I was disappointed but I listened to the game on the radio, what a great time back then.

When I woke up In the morning he was gone to work but there was a book, laker pennant, and a

Basketball that I will never forget, Where were you In 1972,? I was watching from my mind the

Lakers win the championship and as I dreamed and wished I was down there on that floor I

Then drifted off to a peaceful sleep, this Is to you the great Lakers of 72, where were you In 1972.?

Keith Garrett


6 thoughts on “WHERE WERE YOU IN 72?

  1. My first teaching job. Little did I know I would be doing it for 32 more years. My first class of 8th graders are now in their late 50′ s ! My pay was $95 a week for 10 weeks of school year. I voted for George McGovern for president but have been a republican ever since. I am ashamed that this republican health care bill still leaves millions of people out of the loop.

  2. I was 9 years old and living in navy housing. I rode bikes with my best friend Tracy and read every book I could get my hands on. I loved Elvis and Donny Osmond and got my first record player.

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