Lord, I know you’re there and I have many things to say and ask,

Believe do I In a force, a being with such great understanding and love.

I have never seen your face but you have before been part of my dreams,

I have thought of you many times during my life, what does your face look like.?

Remember the monster I told you about,? well It’s still there and visits often,

I don’t understand why when I asked you to make It go away that It didn’t.

I told you that you could have my legs, the ones I like using to walk everywhere,

The funny thing Is that since that time I do have less of the monster and one of

My leg Is now a bit disabled as you know, Is there a lesson here that you want me to learn.?

It appears that you gave a little as you then took, compromise or be grateful for that

Which we do have, my faith In you still rests with me each day and night while I live.

I don’t care what people say or think but today I will tell you what I know just as you do,

In me lies the good, I do not or wish to hurt another human being with a raised fist.

Animals I choose not to harm just for the sake of hurting, my heart feels when tragedy strikes,

I hate this world of war so It Is that I do down and criticize the ways of this land and others.

There beats In me a heart that does care about the world and people, a man who will help those In need,

There also lives In me much anger for many reasons, anger that shows hate towards the human race.

Judged have I many out there In ways I never want to be judged, something In me that needs a change,

Lies have come from my lips enough times In my life just as I have taken that which Is not mine.

In a lifetime which I am still grateful for as It Is the greatest gift from god, I am at this time less than perfect,

Never In my lifetime will I reach perfection but knowing this Is where I will strive to be my best.

Will I still be welcome In heaven with all that you know and all that I confess on this once again day,

Will the door open for me, will you receive me as one of your children, thank you lord for listening.

Keith Garrett


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