Times of old, in a land where stories are told, men of an oath,

A place, old England where Kings and Queens ruled the land.

There was, there existed those of a round table whom would give their lives,

They were knights of twenty five, the Winchester round table of long ago.

Men of honor were these warriors of the day, heroes they might have been,

Rescuing damsels in distress, fighting off those whom would be evil men.

They to never do outrage nor murder, always to flee treason,

Men such as a King known as Arthur, Sir Galahad, or Sir Lancelot.

To by no means be cruel but to give mercy unto him who asks for mercy,

To always do ladies, gentlewomen, and widows succor, to God be gallant.,

Knights with names of Sir Gawain, Sir Percivale, and Sir Lionell,

To never force ladies, gentlewomen, or widows, not to take up battles

In wrongful quarrels for love or worldly goods.

Men of the past, Sir Tristram De Lyones, Sir Gareth, and Sir Bedivere,

To never lay down arms, to seek after wonders, to help the powerless.

Sir Bleoberis, Sir La Cote Maletaile, and Sir Lucan were of the faithful,

When called upon to defend the rights of the weak with all ones strength.

Sir Palomedes, Sir Lamorak, also Sir Bors De Ganis were noble,

To injure no one, not to attack one another, to be a gentleman.

There were others whom rode together many moons ago, Knights of England,

Sir Safer, Sir Pelleas, and Sir Kay, they would serve a King back in the day.

To fight for the safety of ones country, to give ones life for one’s country,

Sir Ector De Maris, Sir Dagonet, and Sir Degore were of the dedicated.

To seek nothing before honour, never to break faith for any reason,

They are of the round table, they are a court of men of principles.

Men such as Sir Brunor Le, Noir, Sir Le, Bel Desconneu, and Sir Alymere,

To practice religion most diligently, too grant hospitality to anyone,

Each according to his ability, they were men like no other, Knights.

Sir Mordred was also one of these men whom once rode the land,

Whether in honour or disgrace, to make a report with the greatest

Fidelity to truth too those whom keep the annals, Knights of twenty five.

These were the men who’d lived many centuries ago in times so different,

They fought to protect the weak and too rid the land of evil forces.

They were men of King Arthur’s court, Knights of twenty five,

They were the Knights of the Winchester round table.

Keith Garrett


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