So many different places show you a lifetime of remembered and forgotten faces,

With every passing year it is with sadness that a family member or old friends may disappear.

Lucky are we for having those we care about and love in our lives for whatever time there is,

I have had friends from the beginning of my time, to recall them all is without possibility.

They drift from my mind but yet they may be somewhere older and still quite alive,

Wherever they are alive and possibly forgotten or carefully kept close inside, I’ve been blessed.

Some are fortunate in this life to have a friend or two whom have been with them a lifetime,

There are those friends thought of and missed very much and never seen again as we move on.

With every passing year the cycle of life continues as even a new born baby ages with each day,

The future appears constantly without fail, everyone goes away but always comes another day.

With every passing year memories drift further away into places that don’t remember whom we are,

Children play in parks where we as friends did play, did we leave a trace, we went away.

They run on school playgrounds where even teachers aren’t the same, did we leave our names,

Time marches on, something of us will always remain but who out there will ever see.

Keith Garrett


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