How can this be, is war actually a necessity, is reality,

Whom are these souls who sit around plotting, thinking?

Ridiculous is a word I will use to describe senseless acts,

The battle is planned for many reasons, not always right.

There are those who do volunteer for these deadly missions,

Many have perished throughout time from wars created.

Armed forces are everywhere, are they protecting or attacking,

They serve but do they really know why, what are the lies?

These brave men and women go in with faith and courage,

Never are they told the entire truth as they run for cover.

They join and serve for reasons of their own, it is their stand,

The raging battle continues for as long as man shows greed and exists.

Keith Garrett


8 thoughts on “THE RAGING BATTLE

  1. Identifying friends and foes is not easy, especially when the enemy’s invisible, doesn’t wear a uniform, and sometimes disguises himself as friendly! But, worst of all, I’m my worst enemy!

  2. I have long reflected on what it is that makes men willing to fight. I have also heard “old men make wars and then young men fight them.”

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