Have you ever been to Matamoros Banks, sad eyes?

Once I got in my pink Cadillac and drove there to rendezvous with a woman named Leah.

When I got there she was playing the guitar and singing something called Terry’s song,

She was born in the U.S.A. and said I wanna be with you.

I told her, ” my love will not let you down”

She said, “Let’s be friends skin to skin” ” that’s all I’m thinking about”

I told her ” I’ve met too many women with hearts of stone”

Later we went to a place called the Lion’s den where the bands are.

We listened to a song called the Seaside Bar Song,

When we left there we were robbed, believe it or not, we were held up without a gun.

The big payback was we didn’t have any cash and there was a man who was quite the hitter,

He killed one of the men and said for his help there is a code of silence.

The promise was kept and we went on our way to a motel called loose ends,

There were 57 channels and nothin’ on so we rented a movie called part man, part monkey.

Later that night I couldn’t sleep and I thought about growin’ up, telling an old friend Janey,

“Don’t you lose heart”

I thought about a girl who said, ” you can look but you can’t touch”

A place me and my friends went to called trouble river,

I remember partying with my brothers under the bridge and my father dying from the fever.

Keith Garrett


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