Not in god have I lost my faith but in society, the human race,

Back stabbing liars, it may be that they are friend or foe.

Family, there can be nothing more Important or precious in life,

In the end at times it is that strangers they’ve become, a tragedy it is.

The work place, to give your heart and soul for such a long while,

No more words do they speak as their backs are turned on you.

Soon we’ll have no name, a number is all that remains, so Insane,

Around our world, deception, crime, and corruption never go away.

Losing faith, again not with god In heaven but in what Is called humanity,

Not about negativity or being of positive thoughts, something is wrong.

We are at the mercy of an entity, those we do not see, power and money Indeed,

There is no control for us the average mortal being, we live in the lions den.

Keith Garrett


7 thoughts on “LOSING FAITH

  1. Yea humanity is just proving the Bible right at 2 Timothy 3:1-5.. critical times hard to deal with. I like to stay true to me and not allow the depravity of this world change me. Thank you for your post

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