Within my day there are everywhere sounds that i do not wish to hear,

Loud noises are most Irritating and painful to these listening ears.

They come from many places as my mind scrambles them in and out,

There are many beautiful sounds but not so special are loud noises around.

Their faces change, they wear disguises of a variety of emotion,

There’s something different about them as they play and entertain.

What’s behind their painted masks, it takes a certain type of soul,

Some have a fear of them, a legend or story about the clowns.

They serve a greater purpose as they are servants of the lord,

Dressed a most different way than others, their life they give in a special way.

Nuns have walked the earth and sacrificed much to live a life for others,

And nuns i have met, the same as you and i, flesh and blood, they also cry.

Keith Garrett


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