It doesn’t matter whether you give a shit about me or me about you.

You have done so much evil against many people in our family and others.

Taking your ex-husband’s life insurance money instead of giving to his family

is bad enough. Do you ever look into the mirror and say: why am I like this?

Treating a handicapped person like shit, especially when she’s your sister is

a most horrible and pathetic deed. What you did to our mother is the worst ever.

Tormenting and harassing her while she was sick up until she died is so hateful.

I hope you can live with yourself as you can remember it forever.

Her specific wish was that Cheryl never live with you and she is never around you.

Mom was so disappointed in you as a daughter, she told the family that you are a liar.

I don’t care if you believe it, everyone knows it and it has been going around.

You try to preach God but you are so fucked up and mean, definite sociopath.

You must be so secretly miserable and unhappy to be the way you are, the things you do.

I just thought you should take a look at yourself as you are not a pretty sight.

My sister, Tammy Keener Leal.

Bakersfield, CA.


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