Approach do I that familiar place where food is much needed,

Headphones ready as I enter that always different shopping experience.

Sometimes I feel calm as I wander on my mission to succeed and leave,

A gathering of people, all going their own way, searching for tonight’s supper.

Amazing it is the minds of those who can figure it out and others so lost,

On their cell phones standing in the middle of isles without a clue, simply rude.

Excuse me I say as I move their cart for them, they stare and look away,

I watch their faces, not all are this way but many seem either angry or don’t care.

Here we go, the best part of the adventure is when we reach the line, wondering,

Which one to get in, I see the many expressions of frustration and in a rush.

The problem is when it’s their turn then they are never ready, talking on the phone,

Amazing as they can’t find their money, forgot how to use a card, to write a check.

These things as I listen to my music praying for a miracle that will save me from this,

The next time you go to the store take a look around, so much to laugh at, their shopping faces.

Keith Garrett

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