Oh yes! January and the beginning of a new year, Winter chill,

All the possibilities and love are here, we move into tomorrow,

A new sunrise is here, we watch as the ever aging of life is clear.

February is nice, a crisp, cool, feeling to the nights, love is in the air,

Set your eyes upon the mountain tops as they are still layered with snow,

A few family birthdays, a slight feel of Winter, rain and some sunny days.

As we follow our path March is the scene, soon Spring is the theme,

We’ll experience this changing season, longer days will arrive, sunset in the night,

Breezy days and clouds of thunder may still pass our way but this is okay.

Here we go! April shows its look with the blooming flowers everywhere,

The cold is pretty much a memory and Easter is a special day to celebrate,

Beautiful days to awake to, a walk in the park, breeze filled afternoons, the moon after dark.

May as the warm days seem a bit longer, Cinco De, Mayo and a thought of school coming to an end,

This I remember from a lifetime ago that seems like a dream but the seasons still remain,

Nature everywhere is alive, what this month holds for all of us will a little at a time unfold.

June, at times June gloom, Summer coming soon, saying goodbye to a school and at times, a friend,

Heated days are here or making their way, a time for planning a future, college and going away,

Maybe a Summer job, sleeping in was a thing we did when the past was our time to play.

What does July bring, heat of many days, the fourth of July, a day of Independence and celebration,

Summer of fun continued as the beach is a beautiful place to swim in the waves and walk along the shore,

Camping trips to beautiful and peaceful places where you can find yourself or just let go.

August even sounds hot, middle of the Summer, hot and dry with the sun high in the sky,

Always waiting for evening to show, praying for a cool breeze to blow across your face,

The dark of night is such a wanted sight as all becomes still and quiet until mornings light.

Say hello to September, still quite warm outside but the days slowly get shorter by the minute,

As we move into the future of this year and Fall is fast coming, what are we thinking,

Back to school, the future of our children, and our world is questioned as we go about the day.

Take a walk with me into October as the days become minute by minute a little shorter,

Weather stays warm through the days until night falls and temperatures become cooler,

Watch as the leaves begin to change their color, all Hallows Eve will be soon approaching.

There is a sight and sound to November with the leaves falling from the trees, wind from the hills,

Growing colder with the shortened days, Thanksgiving soon will be a feast, thankful for the days,

Once long ago a first celebration of Thanksgiving a different way, pilgrims and Indians, a long ago memory.

We find ourselves now after a long road of ups and downs stepping into a time of December,

The cold winds and snow high above within the mountains, Winter Is just about here, Christmas prayers,

The life of a year will soon come to an end, saying goodbye to many yesterdays, thankful for a year lived.

Keith Garrett


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