Here we are in the late afternoon, the sun going down,

I came by your house to say hello, it’s been some time.

I can’t believe it’s almost Summer can you,?

I see you still have that porch swing your dad put up.

How has everything been going for you since I’ve been gone,?

I’m glad, I can only stay for a while, you do understand.

Remember the days when we would just talk and sit on your swing,

The weekends in the Summer sun, laughing and not a worry to be found.

We were just kids, young, times like those are memories of fun,

I could see your tears when I had to leave this place.

I’m in your heart as you’ll forever be in mine,

Let’s just sit here for a while until the sun fades,

I’ll never go away, remember two on a swing in those Summer days.

Keith Garrett

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