A wise man puts aside his anger before he drifts off to sleep,

A thinker before an act brings much trouble Into his life.

A wise man never bows down to the pressure from his peers,

He must trust In his heart fore his actions are his to answer alone.

A wise man has angry thoughts that hold no consequences from Inside,

If at all they switch to violence then a wise man has no words to be listened to,

What does a wise man do,? He practices In that which he does In fact preach,

He is not a hypocrite, he is calm and speaks his words carefully, a wise man Indeed.

He knows that words of stupidity are not a problem behind closed doors,

What does a wise man do,? he thinks before he does anything at all.

Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “WHAT DOES A WISE MAN DO?

  1. I tend to confuse “wisdom” with “innovation”.

    Before I act, I always hesitate, wondering if what I will say will hut another person. Though, I always know, to my wisdom, that “truth” is a signal for identification, to say to another, “I have been there” and offer a hand to their aching shoulder.

    Truth shocks another, when one utters those words to their friend, and that hurting person looks up in disbelief to what was said. They are saying, inwardly, “This person knows my pain? I thought I was the only one feeling this way.”

    Everyone feels alone in their pain, and their instinct is to become a hermit, bury themselves in a shell, and live in darkness.

    On innovation, I attempt to describe to certain people, certain very complicated thoughts, and they want me to say or write these words, as simply as I could. I’d like to one day become what my editor called a “thought director”, though what would they listen to?

    I know they want this simplicity, because tears and humanity is far more believable than a dry fact from a scientific study.

    This is why I tend to divide my work between the “heartfelt” and the “thoughtful” as it says on my blog. 🙂

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