We walk this earth each and every one of us, make use of its energy and life,

Once upon a time, the world began and slowly many different plants formed.

Trees began to grow, tall with many leaves, what was needed to survive was here,

Times have changed just as man has also changed always learning to adapt to this world.

What does the land feel, do the mountains cry as the cut down trees crash and die,

What do the hills feel as they burn, is there much pain as the fire crosses the plains.?

Does the desert ever laugh through the cold nights and the long heated days,

Do the rivers feel peace as for centuries they have been traveled upon, they change but don’t go away.

Does the ocean smile because it’s free to move about or does it scream as it’s treated without respect,

Are the lakes everywhere filled with happiness or do they weep as toxic waste are dumped with no thought?

What does the land feel as over the years it gives the gifts to survive and in return destroyed without care,

Listen to the sadness of its cries, how long will it be till it says a farewell goodbye.

Keith Garrett

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