An amazing, wonderous, miracle it is,

We all are given this chance of life.

To be born, to breathe, to see the light of the sun,

This gift from God to experience and see the beauty of all things.

If we’re fortunate to laugh more than we cry,

Walk our road with peace, if so lucky then hand in hand

With the love of a special one.

With all this comes pain and sorrow at some point,

We gain and we also lose friends and family.

Scars we carry are a reminder of both sides of life,

Life itself is a mysterious walk in the woods.

A stroll on a beach within an instance may end,

We all have our time to die, it’s been written.

Not knowing really when as each precious moment must be treasured,

Life itself is the most asked about story, the answers are coming.

Keith Garrett

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