About a land so far across the sea, stories of knights from days lost,

Castles of stone standing through centuries of tales told, those who know.

Kings and Queens ever since this Island was discovered back in a dream,

Magical wizards are fables of men said to them as a child long ago.

Those dressed in armor, a King by the name of Arthur and a sword,

A legendary table of round sat Knights so long ago on shores unseen.

Princes and Princesses dancing at parties of royalty in a far off land,

Common men and women lived together and begged for food, a hand.

Woods of old England, warriors, and Knights with bows and swords,

Mystical dreams of times, of shores unseen, a book of tales.

Along the river, lakes of swans gliding across the mirrored glass,

Over the hills where the whispering winds watch the grass dance.

In the English night sky, through the known expected fog of the land,

A rising moon shines its glowing light upon the trees, upon these shores.

Seasons of many centuries witnessed by a people with voices of sound,

Sir Lancelot dressed for battle riding high upon a dark horse into forever.

Dragons of fantasy flying through the sky, wings spread, soaring,

Breath of fire it is told they possess, demons brought to life in a dream.

Legends of many moons long since past, ghosts of heroes wander in mist,

Mystical dreams of shores unseen, songs sung in green meadows,

A beautiful sound from voices such a long time ago.

Keith Garrett


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