Traditions of storytelling from thousands of years,

Around campfires and in homes in times of old.

Thought up from Imaginations or a small tale that grows,

Fables told by a Grandfather to a child in countries of old.

A bedtime adventure from a book to send you off to dream,

Around the world, many have listened, stories across the sea.

Stories are told that touch one’s soul,” listen child” they never grow too old,

Generation to Generation, within cultures of different beliefs, a tale that speaks.

Keith Garrett

5 thoughts on “STORIES ARE TOLD

  1. I think what you’ve expressed, in poetic form, is the idea that we are all storytellers. Psychologists tell us, and reading our own diaries and journals will confirm, that we are unreliable narrators. Our pasts start with subjective experience and becomes an ever-evolving narrative. As Exupery said, “the meaning of life is not discovered; it is constructed.” Interesting to note that the single most influential tale ever told is the story of the incarnation of Logos — meaning itself. Thanks for a thought-provoking poem!

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