Listen to the sound of my heartbeat, rumbles as i sleep,

From where it is you rest can the rhythm play to your ear.

This heart cries for a moment spent alone with beautiful you,

So long has it been since our walks together, forever, forever?

No prince am I, only a man with a spark of love in his eye,

Not a King of anything, no kingdom of riches to worship.

A knight in shining armor is a dream I am for you,

A beggar of wanting is not what I’ll do, not with you.

A movie star of handsome features you will not see,

Just a man who loves as he lives and dreams.

Thy thundering heart laughs and feels life’s energy,

Hurt and pain circle my every day but go away, go away.

I love you, I love you, thy thundering heart says so,

Heart and soul, from the heart growing old, strength from you.

Keith Garrett


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