It started for us each our own day, a life ahead in our own way,

We carve a path, a road we make to walk that ends when God will say.

Life itself is so incredible, mysterious, with laughter and tears along the way,

What are we supposed to learn as we go from childhood and beyond long lost days?

We say hello and then a day comes to say goodbye, In between it is we who share our lives,

We cry when we are happy, tears are shed upon our faces when a goodbye is said in many ways.

The cycle carries on as we grow from a child and watch as our children become adults, we get older,

Our parents go from what was once younger to a place of fragileness then disappear into eternity.

Our children have children as we slowly follow a certain path, someday too again join family,

Why is it we have to be saddened by so many different goodbyes throughout this gift of a life?

Keith Garrett


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