Young with a smile so bright, on the court you lit up the night,

Wizard of the bouncing ball, for twenty years you gave your all.

Down the floor with a magical touch, a fake and a dribble to the left,

Down the court, you drive, into the air, under your leg, slam dunk!

From city to city you traveled, left your mark on many a basketball floor,

Most valuable player, championships of five, you were a force of magical delight.

Kobe, the court is empty, your spirit does jump shots in the dark of night,

For eternity you are a champion in some heavenly light, where are you tonight?

The staple center will forever be your second home, now in a spiritual world you roam,

Shoot that ball! listen to the cheers from all souls that will hear, daughter so dear.

The buzzer sounds, the game is over, you won the game, time for you to go away,

Take that trophy in your arms, forever you will be Kobe, a far away superstar.

Keith Garrett


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