I was not created to be of perfection, I am flawed,

Do not expect more from me than you do of yourself.

Mistakes are mine of plenty, do not preach of my wrongdoings,

Look close into a mirror before you tell me of how I should be.

Forgive me for not being as great as you believe you are,

I am the mortal man, why is it you think you are better than me?

Sinned have I as hateful I have been to others, not the best one can be,

Try not to judge as hate is the best word in your vocabulary.

Forgive me fore I have not always done my best, words of anger,

Do not speak behind my back and describe what I need to be better,

Forgive me for not seeing the good in you, forgive me for not wanting you.

Keith Garrett


6 thoughts on ““FORGIVE ME”

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