The innocence of a child, we can see it every day while they run and play,

Close your eyes and think back, think hard to a place where once you were young.

Thinking as only a child may think and imagine the world as the perfect playground,

For the average, dreaming, child death is a lie, an imaginary story in a scary book.

Fairytales are a reality like living forever or as I did believe one hundred years was life,

As a young boy, I would lay down on the sidewalk feeling the warmth of the sun,

Listening to the airplanes fly high in the sky with my eyes closed, pretending many things.

From a child’s mind, it is a world of magic, rainbows, and that anything is possible exists,

Energy of a different kind is possessed, energy that an adult one day can not again find.

From a child’s mind, most things are simple, reason or logic has no place in their magical space,

The innocence and magic of a child will suddenly disappear into the adult world where the

Reality of survival, racism, hatred, and war will soon take their long ago Innocence far away.

Keith Garrett

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