A different world we live in today, many a change,

Sacrifices must be made, a populated planet needs change.

Cooperation as would be a team, this sickness is not a dream,

Those who rebel for their self entitled, selfish lives,

An invisible death sentence spreads fear beyond another night.

There are the ones that go against, ignorant where they stand,

Be a little smarter as this silent war tears throughout our land.

It’s a death waltz, watch as not many stays in place,

Thinking nothing is wrong, we can’t be reached walking on the beach.

Playing in the parks, gathering for a party, a hug, and handshake,

Some just don’t believe as others refuse to see a global tragedy.

A death waltz, dance in rhythm from land to land, around the world,

Take a chance, some will perish, spread it around, a virus may kill all.

Keith Garrett


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