Jesus on one side and the devil on the other, they follow always,

I have walked a long road with a little sin, some kindness, and regret.

They are not seen with eyes of sight but you can feel them both testing,

I have walked the center of this road for much of my time, I see both sides.

The devil smiled whenever I did wrong, on the other side I saw Jesus cry,

When no remorse was seen in my heart, the devil laughed, Jesus never left.

My eyes could see the darkness as the devil walked on my left side wanting,

Turning to my right Jesus and his light never has given up on me, I still walk.

No longer do I walk the center of that long road as closer to the right I feel,

I reach for his hand but still fingertips away, the devil stands strong but I am stronger.

For all that I have done wrong I do live with but I ask forgiveness to those and to him,

As they both walk the road I walk where the light shines upon my soul.

Keith Garrett


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