Do you recall being thirteen, So long ago for me, Like a dream,

Playing with friends, girls, and boys whom I haven’t seen for years.

Where are they, I wonder If my old school mates are alive, once a child,

Growing up as a teen full of energy, malt shops, drive-In movies, and T.V.

A few friends still In touch with Is a most special gift of all, I recall,

Vietnam came along, A sad song, some boys I once knew are now gone.

Times have changed, music, cars, dancing, and those long lost childhood ways,

I was once thirteen with dreams of growing up and having a wonderful family.

These things of wonder are now all gone, once my future now the past,

I was at a time very young playing In the sun, Sitting here now I am old,

I turned ninety four, memories of a life playing In the sun with friends now gone.

Keith Garrett

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