Anywhere and everywhere the enemy hides throughout the world,

They are not counted as their number is growing in silence.

They are of sick minds as they plot, attack, and steal lives from family,

Their belief that they are heaven bound for killing is a false belief, a fantasy.

Terrorism of any kind deserves a train ride to hell as it has no color,

Something has been so wrong in this world since the dawn of man.

Rise up!, together we need to stand on our feet, join hands around the world,

It is a really scary thing but we are all in trouble, dangerous times are here.

A story not so pretty, the sun still shines on our every day but we must see it all,

In between the beauty and our everyday dreams remains echoes of a world’s screams.

Never can we allow ourselves to be fooled by that which we read or the big speech,

Rise up all people and question the lies that are told and don’t be easily deceived.

Keith Garrett


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