I’ve invited you and so grateful that you all have taken

Many beautiful and adventurous journeys into my book of poems,

We have traveled together above the sky, to the moon and beyond.

Walks together along many beaches sharing thoughts of the world,

You’ve seen my dreams, stood in the night under a full moon with me.

We traveled together back in time to places my memory could still find,

Across the ocean, walks down the street, high up into the mountains we went.

In times of trouble, moments of pain it has been you who have walked with me,

Trips to lands of fantasy, back in time to towns of no more you followed my path.

Western towns, farms, and ranches where horses ran with the wind, we together saw,

Spooky places, haunted houses, monsters wandered and ghosts were there in the night.

Magical things, Knights and warriors from across the sea, you were there with me,

Cowboys riding the range, western legends that live only in history, wars that died.

Winter scenes and sleigh rides through snowy woods, Christmas dreams, did you see,

Rock and roll stars, actors of fame, people of reality that are no more to be seen,

Thank you for going to all these places with me, for getting to know something about me.

Keith Garrett


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