More than two sides, men will die throughout the south,

Raise your swords, fire your guns, will this be your last rising sun.?

You fight for what, willing to die for a cause, do you know for what,

Is it really civil, this war between the states, what did you gain.?

Mount your horses! draw your swords, ride into the devil’s woods,

Uniforms of difference, colors that separate which side you’re on.

Homes would be burned, this battle among you not on distant land,

Neighbor against neighbor, brothers, and cousins fighting hand to hand.

Mount your horses! ride between the darkness and trees, cold it may be,

Blood against blood, the innocent will surely be a victim and die in the dust.

Cannon fire, bodies of men, women, and children scattered across the states,

When it’s over who will remember what this was all about, blood spilled for what.?

Keith Garrett


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