Maniac, crazy is the name given to him by a town,

This man with a long beard of gray, coat, and cane.

His house is said to be haunted, dark all around,

Weathered with cobwebs, many creeks, the only sound.

Just a lonely, old man whom at times may cry in the night,

Bitter from a loss, on his own hiding in his home.

Misunderstood, judged as he looks, his own heart and fears,

Just a lonely, old man with a lifetime within himself.

Keith Garrett


5 thoughts on “JUST A LONELY, OLD MAN

  1. And now i have a scene going on in my head and it’s scary!!!!!
    Just kidding. 😄
    You are a very goood story teller I must say.
    And yaa looks can be deceptive.

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