Where are we today in America, land of the whining, home of the crying,

History of our country is being wished away, torn down and defaced.

It can’t be taken away, there are those who may not like events that have happened,

Good or bad, these scenes can’t be taken from memory, history has made us who we are.

Hate appears much stronger today than ever before, divided we stand I believe forevermore,

We live in a bitter world as we have nothing better to accomplish than to tear down statues

From our past wars, events which were of right and wrong but that’s just the way it is.

Everything is now being examined, ridiculous! to the point of ignorance, let the past go,

Complaints about cartoons, cereal boxes, songs of life being screamed at with anger.

The word white will soon be of the past, taking from the dictionary, no definition,

Why is there reference to one race that matters, if you speak that all lives matter

Then anger and violence erupt, do not say white lives matter as this can not be,

Looting, burning, and rioting in the streets, destroying your cities is no solution.

There have been many types of slavery, people enslaved since the beginning of man,

There should be equal right for all but taking away the rights of many to have

Those equal rights is a crime in itself, Today is wrong as taken from us will soon

be the national anthem, God bless America, and much more, the right to be me.

Keith Garrett


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