Here I am, standing now still, which way shall I go, which way shall I go,

Many paths’ have I traveled’ until now these crossroads’ of my life.

There’s no possibility, none at all In going backward, there’s no turning back,

I’ve taken a look at what’s behind me and now forward Is the way, the way.

We store memories In our minds’ but we can’t live In the past, not the past,

There’s no living for the memories, we live, for now, we live for tomorrow.

I now have a new way to go Into the rest of my life a new road I’ve chosen,

It’s this road traveled, It’s my road to follow.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on “THIS ROAD TRAVELED

  1. Sometimes, we are, at, crossroads, and we often, hurry ourselves to turn either left or right in an instant, without allowing ourselves, to stand still, and, just take a breath, until our paths, reveal them selves, to us…

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