God created heaven and earth so that we could live together,

I was thinking as I walked down the street, I looked at a fence,

Touching it with my hands I realized a man would have to climb,

To get to the other side he would have to go beyond where was legal.

This is my space! you can’t come near it, since the beginning of time,

The world was meant to share, be free to roam, we started building fences.

Around our land, fences to keep others out and mark our territory,

It’s all been broken up into pieces, always a fight that leads to war.

How can any one man or nation own a piece of the sky, stay away they say,

Beyond the sky, do we all have a right to it or is it claimed by the powerful?

Stay away from here! this is my ocean, be warned or we go to war, do you hear.?

No drink of water for you, someone else owns this lake, river, or stream,

Dirt is not free anymore, there’s a price to be paid, money to be made.

Be careful as soon the air we breathe will not be free, who takes charge I wonder,

If we lived as one and shared the land, there would be room for every soul and man.

Keith Garrett


4 thoughts on ““FENCES”

  1. I recently has reason to reread Robert Frost’s “Fences Make Good Neighbors” in a brand new light. It always get interpreted as you should have a fence to be a good neighbor, but no, it isn’t that — it’s about two neighbors every year having to work on building a fence with stones that have fallen and they are good neighbors because it takes them both to rebuild it each year so that his apples don’t get into his different fruited trees. It’s about community not separateness. I loved your post for this reason as well. Well done. ~~ Jane

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