I’m here, blind at times to what’s around me waiting for myself to see,

Sitting here at this moment, quiet with no soul to keep me company.

Feeling lonely but as I turn my eyes to this world, notice do I something,

There’s much life watching me, I never listen but now I can hear,

As what’s surrounding me Is telling me something, It’s talking to me.

There stands a tree, Its’ branches swinging In the wind like arms,

Leaves falling to the ground, nature brings It to life as I hear the sound.

The grass dances as a breeze travels on by singing as It says goodbye,

When I sit upon It a feeling It has as also this friend of green feels me.

On a shrub, a bird sits and whistles In the sun,

Saying hello to It as away In the sky this bird flies.

There are bees buzzing around flowers of many colors and fragrances,

They leave me alone, I’m not alone.

What I want may not be, a little less lonely with what’s surrounding me.

Keith Garrett

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