Walk with me and hear my thoughts of the day,

From the time we are a child we think and play.

A fairytale from the beginning that we are forever,

Of this world not meant to be, everlasting Is heaven.

Into our lives, people step and then walk away,

We lose and we gain, lessons of love and pain.

At times the bad seem blessed and the goodwill suffer,

Those with much love to give can not discover another’s heart.

Most take for granted what others only cry for, Oh! they cry,

That’s life, sometimes we don’t get what we deserve,

Many times we get what we get, that which Is given.

We see laughter, we see tears, we find fear, that’s life,

We all have our day and some have It taken away.

The longer we live there’s a chance for love or sorrow,

We hold on for tomorrow because that’s life.

Keith Garrett


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