Sometimes I wait for the telephone to ring,

          A wanting for a voice that does not sing.

         Sometimes I dream about and sometimes I cry,

       Love and peace are held deep Inside, understand.

       Sometimes I feel that I have to go away, I stay,

       So many things to do as I work and play, listen.

        Sometimes I'm a very tired and complicated soul,

          I'll keep on pushing till the day grows old.

        Sometimes I battle the Invisible fight, my fight,

     Something to prove as my time gets closer to the light.

         Sometimes I search for an Imagined hope of love,

        Can not find that which does not wish to be found.

        Sometimes I think that I am not seen by many eyes,

  Perhaps at times my mind Is closed and It Is I that am blind.

        Sometimes I wonder If the world does not need me,

          As I discover a wanting for more that It holds.
           Keith Garrett

5 thoughts on “SOMETIMES

  1. “So many things to do as I work and play, listen.” Much is said in that line, just as much is said in every line. You are very good at expressing your self. All of us are ‘old souls’–sometimes. Then comes the day a grandchild decides to play a song just learned on the guitar–play it and sing it–he does! Beautiful–and it makes us young again, for a time!

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