DISMANTLING OF AMERICA

                                                                         History is a big part of the world, It will be always,

                                                                       Good or bad we do learn from all that has happened.

                                                                    There are reminders all over the planet of great things,

                                                                     Discoveries, accomplishments that came with sacrifice.

                                                                    There are statues and monuments throughout this land,

So many whiners offended by everything now, makes 
Me sick.

Take down statues, disrespect cemeteries, get rid of 
All memories,

Every piece of art, paintings, wars, and battles make 
Us who we are.

These are reminders of hard times and great achievements 
By many,

Is anyone offended by all the nuclear bombs all over 
The world, I am,

Can we start removing those today, too much crying   
Over silly, not so important stuff.

There's a war right here in America, hate towards   
Each other, Plenty of violence,

The dismantling of America is now moving faster,  
It comes in many forms,

The people of this country are doing it to themselves, 
We don't need any help.

       Keith Garrett


  1. It is very sad. Something has gone wrong with our people. Where did this turn of thinking with shame come from? The world watches us in disbelief. A country ready to implode. Once admired for many things and now I’m embarrassed by the idiocy and hate.

  2. Everyone has personal responsibility to wake-up and live consciously, stop accepting MSM and SM propaganda. Refuse the false narratives. Be courageous and stand up and speak out. America needs our prayers more than ever now.

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