I NEVER DREAM OF YOU

It sure has been a long time, sir, now closer than 
Once before,

I am older than you now, you were thirty seven as I 
Was once seven.

Always thinking of you but why I never dream of you 
Is not known,

Dreams fill my head for a lifetime as I can only make  
Them up in the light,

I wish there were nightly dreams of you father, nothing 
Comes to my mind.

I never dream of you, sleep does not let me ever see 
Again your face,

Because you went away that day your face fades and that  
Is hurting my every day.

What blocks you from my mind, does death take too 
Much away,

I never dream of you but the memories will live 
Until eternity.

           Keith Garrett

7 thoughts on “I NEVER DREAM OF YOU

  1. I wish there was a way to cease the moment in which we feel the most happy. The longing creates an etched memory that can never be replaced. This was lovely and how you express so much with such less words is unique. 💜

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