SHADOW RIDERS

 Men crumble,  their sins they can not hide, 
 They run,

 From the expressions on their faces, aging lines 
 Of haunt.

 One of them runs, the other chases, they both run

 One tries to hide his guilt and pain, the other 
 Chases To forget.

 Shadow riders, at different times they are the rider, 
 the other prey,

 They are from a time of civil unrest, they kill and  
 Then Die in a place for them.

 It takes its toll, the hunt and the run, tears from 
 Men Dry up in the sun,

 Nothing more to be said, two dying men soon would be 
 Dead, Blood on their hands.

 Ones knife in the desert sand, a gun left on a 
 Deserted land,

 Walk in a different direction, shadow riders are 
 Never seen again.
                          Keith Garrett

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