SHADOW ON A CURB

 A boy I remember who once sat on a curb,

 On a warm, sunny, day over fifty years ago, I say.

 Listening to the airplanes going by, fly so high,

 Hands rested on his face, a street and a place far

 He would stare from where he sat, a thinking child,

 I remember him well when he lost that smile.

 A car that no longer moved, the life in it lost,

 Now the memory of a man who sat at the wheel.

 A place and a street that exists till this day,

 A curb, where once a boy no more dreamed and played.

 What has faded now is a man and a car,

 A boy who aged more than a father who at one time

 Carried him on his shoulders.

 Now from the trees, only a shadow on a curb you'll see,

 A memory of a boy who sat and stared at a car driven 

 By a father who he can no longer see.

                                                                                                                   Keith Garrett   

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