A LIGHT IN THE FOREST

 Traveling together were myself and a friend, a 

 Down the long highway we went, weren't sure 
 Where we were going.

 We started out driving, searching for that unusual
 Place of discovery,

 A forest, that would be our destination, we're 
 On our way into the day.

 We travel along talking, and listening to our favorite 
 Music getting close,

 Further ahead of us in the distance they appear to 
 Our eyes, Trees so high.

 We'll be going up a ways, where everything is so green 
 And Darkness within the trees,

 We make our camp for the night, ready in the morning  
 For our Walk below the hidden sky.

 Tonight a campfire, some food, laughing with a friend, 
 And sleeping under a star or two,

 Morning light shines down upon the land, we pack 
 Our things And head into the forest.

 Dark, very dark as we make our way deeper among 
 The ancient trees, Where are we?

 There's something up ahead, can you see, a light 
 In the forest, we'll be okay.
        Keith Garrett

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