A MAN WITH AN AX

 Wood needs to be chopped, it sits waiting, 
 Many types and sizes,

 Fall is in the air, chillier the air turns, 
 Work must be done.

 A job it is to chop enough wood to warm a home 
 For the Winter,

 Must be done, perhaps no fun as it is an  
 Accomplishment To be proud.

 Stack it in a pile, carry it piece by piece, 
 Chopped and split wood for a fire,

 A smell, can you take it in, smell the aroma as it's 
 Cut, Stronger it grows.

 A man with an ax gets this job done, he sweats from 
 Morning Till the setting sun,

 Swinging an ax, working as the cold moves closer,

 The wood pile will rise higher.

 A man with an ax is strong and determined,

 He will succeed because he knows of its need,

  When it's done, a Winter of warmth,

 When the setting sun, he knows the job is done. 

                          Keith Garrett

One thought on “A MAN WITH AN AX

  1. Knowing how grueling this work is, he still does it, because, it’s what will, keep him, and his loved ones, safe and well-provided-for, for the long and harsh winter that is to come, his, way…

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