ANOTHER TIME AND PLACE

 I write to you from yesterday, a very long 
 Time ago for you,

 Long before you were born in a town of people 
 And family.

 My family and I were up before the break of dawn, 

 Children of a simple time but at times not so 
 Simple you see.

 Horses were a common thing just as your car 
 Is in your time,

 Things of your day not dreamed up as of yet, 
 Life was hard, Also fun.

 Here in yesterday there is sickness that kills many
 As there is no medicine,

 As I sit here on my farm watching my wife and kids 
 Play as I write this to you.

 When you receive my letter it will be that I and those
 I love will be gone now,

 You will have all the things that we here have never 
 Seen, Good and bad.

 There are beautiful things and land that will disappear 
 With time, I can see them,

 I live here in another time and place just as you do,
 I hope this letter gets to you.
                     Keith Garrett


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