MANY FEELINGS' OF SPRING

 As slowly the days' get longer and the cold 
 Travels away,

 A change of seasons' comes Into our day.

 Out comes the sun as earlier It shines,

 The blooming of flowers enters our minds.

 No more frost or the freezing of night,

 The song of the birds, a tune that Is nice.

 The shadows appear but much later In the day,

 Darkness does not visit, away longer It stays.

 On the trees and shrubs, new growth will appear,

 It's time to awake fore Springtime Is here.

 On the mountains, the snow melts Into water 
 Running down,

 Wild life returns, we hear many a sound.

 Look around to what this time brings,

 The things that we see, tell us this Is Spring.

                 Keith Garrett

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