THE HONEYMOONERS

 Ralph Kramden, pins and needles, needles and pins, 
 It's a happy man who grins

 Did Ralph ever really grin, a bus driver cranky enough.

 Schemes and ideas, nothing ever worked out, always
 A shout,

 Always a general in his fantasy world, did Alice 
 Ever win?

 "Bang! zoom! to the moon with you" Alice giving him 
 The look,

 She the faithful wife of this man always with a plan.

 "Hey there Ralphie boy" says his goofy pal, Ed Norton,

 Ralph is always irritated with Norton, loveable Ed.

 A cranky bus driver and a happy, wacky sewer worker,

 Two wives whom take care of the home and their nutty 

 The honeymooners, with the stars of four, gone forever.

            Keith Garrett

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