FACES OF CLOWNS'

 Disguises are worn, they hide a world of fear,

 Hidden with colors' of false smiles or frozen 

 We laugh and we dance, juggle our thoughts' and

 Our world Is a cage, a circus of freaks' and 

 We challenge our own mortality, on a high wire 
 We dance,

 Shot through a cannon to where we may land,
 Life in hand.

 Faces of clowns', dressed In costumes, they 
 seem secure,

 Acts put on for children, are they not the young 
 Whom have tears?

 We dress In our own costumes, put on a face that 
 We choose,

 Is what appears' real only a magicians' magic, a trick 
 Of sorts?

 Whatever expression we wear, whatever makeup we're 
 Made of,

 Faces of clowns', we all live with faces of clowns'.

               Keith Garrett                                                        

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